Canned Salmon Made Easy: Delicious and Simple Salmon Patty Recipe

Short answer easy salmon patty recipe with canned salmon:

A quick and simple recipe for making delicious salmon patties using canned salmon. Mix together the drained can of fish, breadcrumbs, egg, herbs and spices before shaping into small patties to be fried over medium-high heat until golden brown on both sides.

Your FAQ’s Answered: The Ultimate Guide to Making Easy Salmon Patties using Canned salmon

Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe that is both delicious and healthy? Well, look no further than salmon patties made with canned salmon! Not only are these patties packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, they’re also incredibly simple to prepare. So whether you’re looking for a tasty weeknight dinner or an appetizer to serve at your next party, this guide has got you covered.

Q: What equipment will I need?

A: To make the perfect salmon patty using canned salmon all you really need is one mixing bowl (preferably on the larger side) in order to combine ingredients such as bread crumbs, egg yolk(s), onions or scallions along with any other spices according [to] taste.

Q: Can I use fresh fish instead of canned?

A: While cooking with fresh fish may have its merit there aren’t many reasons why someone would opt not simply utilize caned versions; aside from obvious shelf life benefits it’s going save time & money even more so if buying bulk options during sales periods throughout year which means greater bang-for-your-buck when making dishes like salmon pattties!

Q. How do I prepare my Salmon Pattie mix perfectly *every* single time?!

That’s where our Ultimate Guide comes into play! Follow each step-by-step instruction closely including ingredient preparation thoroughly before combining everything inside one large-ish sized mixing bowl beginning gently mashing together components until complete homogeneous mixture forms – then re-forming into uniformly-sized portions afterwards shaping them by hand/placing onto greased baking sheet/oiled pan afterward allowing 4-5’ish minutes frying per-side .

Before we get too much farther let me start off first by highlighting key aspects around choosing optimal quality ‘canned’ seafood products:

1.) Select Wild-Caught “Alaskan” brand premium fillet pieces lightly salted;

2). Deliciously flavorful pink/flesh colored protein source w/ lower heavy-metal contamination & in healthy amounts.

Now that we have established quality ingredients the fun part is creating this ultra-tasty recipe…


• 1 can of Premium Alaskan Salmon, once drained (remove bones) yields about an approximately eight to ten ounces worth;

• Half a cup each freshly grated onion/scallions according preference for spice;

• One-half cups seasoned breadcrumbs finely crushed cereals;

o Sage/thyme/oregano/tarragon/black pepper as preferred seasoning flavors choices all great substitutes.


– Place salmon fillet into bowl after draining well
– Combine onions, scallions w/crushed bread crumbs and mix everything until evened
out entirely across bottom surface area within pan.

– Finally mash altogether vigorously with fork or hands throughout mixture

These patties are easy to cook up on short notice if you follow these three simple steps:
Step one begin heating your stove-top sized frying skillet firstly coating it adequately using vegetable oil before lightly sauteeing both sides til evenly browned-on outsides! Next put onto paper towels briefly dabble any excess traces away leftover through face-down areas where most absorbed slowly re-incorporating back via starchy mass eventually producing non-greasy results finish cooking and aromas mmmm taste good!

If grilling instead preheat at medium-high temperature grill grease beforehand then place pattie(s) directly over center-most flame-zone near front burner portion noting fluctuation between temperatures but generally will take same time roughly prior flipping-over itself toward finished side simultaneously .

Finally turn off heat source flip them so aroma filled centers down first allowing rest balance moisture content ‘rest’ around structure which now remains fluffy+moist while retaining essential nutrients enhancing overall texture impactfulness upon being served later on by yourself or those whom had been cordially invited ?

Which cocktail goes best with my delicious new creation? Well since fish pairs perfectly with beer and because we’re not just dipping our pan-fried Salmon Patties in tartar sauce, let’s crack open a cold one! A crisp Pilsner or Light Ale from your favorite local brewery is sure to complement the flavors of this dish.

There you have it folks – everything you need to know about making easy salmon patties using canned salmon. Whip up these tasty treats for dinner tonight and impress your family & friends at Fridays patio party time too ☺

Top 5 Surprising Facts about the Delicious, yet Simple Recipes for easy salmon patty recipe made from canned fish meat.

When it comes to easy and delicious meals, few can compare to the classic salmon patty recipe. Made using canned fish meat, this dish is not only simple but also budget-friendly and packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

But did you know that there are some surprising facts about these humble patties? Here are our top five:

1. They have a fascinating history

While today’s versions of salmon patties often feature modern ingredients like breadcrumbs or mayonnaise, the basic concept has been around for centuries. In fact, in Medieval Europe they were known as “fish cakes” – made from leftover boiled fish mixed with eggs and spices before being fried up.

2. You don’t need fancy equipment

You might assume that making perfect salmon patties at home requires specialized kitchen appliances or gadgets – but in reality all you really need is a mixing bowl, fork/spatula (or your hands), a skillet/frying pan on medium heat & cooking oil/butter/or non-stick spray! Then simply mix together the canned fish meat along any vegetables/sauces/herbs/etc desired; form them into small round shapes gently pressing down both sides so they stay flat while frying until golden brown on each side!

3.They’re versatile AF

One of the best things about Salmon Patties is how adaptable they are to different preferences or dietary needs e.g., gluten-free eaters can use almond flour instead regular wheat one just swap out bread crumbs w/gluten free ones ; try adding mashes potatoes sweet potato similar consistency when combined + onions/garlic chives parsley basil anything goes well); Avocado/Asian/French fries tomato soup/cucumber salad/apple slaw more creative ones flavorful combos too!

4.Salmon Pattie Recipe Health benefits vs drawbacks?

On one hand we do admit canned food isn’t always considered optimal nutrition-wise compared fresh caught wild Alaskan Sockeye which provides plenty DHA omega-3s EPA that fish oil supplements taken daily (as directed) By consuming the salmon patties though you’re still getting some nutritional benefits like those fatty oils plus plenty protein vitamins B12 D which all help support overall wellness.

However, it’s worth noting that canned fish can be high in sodium and also mercury if not carefully sourced so please check labels/best-buy dates/brands trusted to be safe & sustainable. Consider pairing these Patties with darker greens or non-starchy veggies as well fiber-rich carbs whole grains legumes notice positive changes after eating them regularly!

5.They freeze really well

In case anyone has leftover portions of cooked fresh batch Salmon Patty Recipe made from Canned Fish Meat — they stay good frozen for up two months just wrap them in aluminum foil / plastic wrap! Simply thaw overnight then reheat on medium heat a little extra cooking spray/oil until crispy delicious crisp brown on both sides.

In conclusion, while Salmon Pattie recipes may seem simple at first glance – there’s always something new to learn about this classic dish using canned meats especially due their convenience + versatility. So now give your next meals day time off by whipping one together add variety whilst exploring unique twists whether BBQ sauce/zesty Lemon herb/tartar sauces go ahead enjoy its rich taste rewards knowing how relatively quick easy prepare are top-notch healthy food choices too!!

The Best Tips and Tricks You Need When Experimenting with Different Variations of Using a Can of Fish Products in your cooking recipes

Cooking with canned fish products is not only easy but also very convenient. Canned tuna, salmon and sardines are great sources of protein that can be used in a wide array of recipes; from salads to sandwiches, pasta dishes and even as pizza toppings.

Here are some tips that will help you experiment with different variations when using your favorite canned fish product:

1) Think beyond the traditional: Tuna salad sandwich or spaghetti bolognese might be classics for many households, but why not mix things up by trying something new? Experimentation should never just come down to repetition on every mealtime routine. Introduce specialty ingredients such as capers or olives into your recipe!

2) Change it up: Instead of always preparing the same boiled rice dish then putting tuna at top makes you full enough – try switching out these grains altogether! Consider substituting regular white Rice porridge instead which gives more flavor variety than plain old long grain brown varieties available at supermarkets today!. You could also use quinoa (if vegan choice), couscous (fluffy pasta-type food originatingfromNorthernAfrica), farro(also knownasEmmerWheat- traditionally cultivated in mediterranean regions).

If still unsatisfied after all options have been considered..throw them over lettuce cups forming an amazing appetizer especially during summer time where light flavors rages supreme among dinner table participants.

3) Pairings = Perfect Balance!: Knowing what foods go well together simply correlates onto perspective sure-fire way keeping everyone’s tastes happy while experimenting how each ingredient reacts when paired alongside another –carrot sticks / cucumber slices add both crunchiness & refreshing quality contrasting against fishes’ delicate texture yielding true harmony within gastronomic experiences

4). Fishy dips/sauces galore anyone?: creamed-based sauce mixes perfectly sing along side garlic’s sharpness fusing simultaneously offering salty undertones resulting harmonized balance undoubtedly knowing satisfied taste buds await.The dip can be infused with all manner of ingredients to add extra flavor like avocado, jalapeño or roasted pepper for those who love spicing things up!

5) Think Outside the Plate:Most canned fish products come packed in oil and brine which makes it perfect when having guests over during cocktail night serving crostini’s with tuna tatare chopped finely mixing garlic/herbs such as parsley & cilantro while sprinkling lemon zest on top adding more zing !

6). Canned doesn’t mean unhealthy!It is easy and convenient not forgetting going a long way towards making healthy meal decisions.With subtle seasoning/saucedrizzled – canteen salmon recipe becomes mouth-wateringly nourishing you’ll never go back using fresh again.And nothing beats “feel-good” factor knowing even good food comes from cans.

In conclusion,canned fishes pack quite an appetizing punch full of varying options encouraging play-around mentality especially getting creative. As always anything goes within culinary adventures soye time try out these tips seamlessly marvel your dinner table attendees comingbackfor moreserving,right?

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