Canned Salmon Wild Planet: The Sustainable and Delicious Choice for Your Next Meal

Short answer canned salmon wild planet:

Wild Planet offers sustainably caught Alaskan pink and sockeye salmon that is cooked once in the can to maintain nutrition. The canned fish contains no added water, oil, or fillers. Wild Planet’s canned salmon is non-GMO verified and packaged without BPA or any artificial preservatives.

What is Wild Planet canned salmon?

Wild Planet canned salmon is a sustainable seafood brand that produces delicious, high-quality fish products. The company’s mission is to offer consumers healthy and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fishing methods.

Here are some key features of Wild Planet canned salmon:

1. MSC Certified: This means the product has been third-party verified as being sustainably sourced.
2. Made with wild-caught Alaskan Salmon: Known for its robust flavor and quality nutrients.
3. BPA-free cans: No bisphenol-A (BPA) lining in their steel cans which can prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into your food

Not only does this brand produce tasty and nutritious food options, but they also prioritize environmental stewardship through sustainable practices such as selective harvesting techniques that reduce bycatch (unwanted catches)

The core values at Wild Planet align directly with those seeking an environmentally conscious lifestyle or dietary needs like paleo or keto enthusiasts.You’ll not be disappointed after trying one of these premium-grade West Coast sockeye salmons!

Additionally, here are more detailed items about what you can expect when purchasing packaged Wild Planet Canned Salmon :

1.Less Mercury Content:
Studies have shown farmed varieties often contain angling carcinogens inducing mercury levels do pose significant health risks ; When opting for #Sustainbly caught , WILD specimens there remains lower concentrations found than it’s factory-farmed counterparts .

2.Consistent Quality Guaranteed :
Regardless if choosing Atlantic species versus Sockeye each fillet will always yield similar sizing & texture capturing varying notes noted between Oceanic locales seasonally

3.Ease Of Use – Shelf-Stable Packaging
A convenient option perfect inclusion on long hiking/camping trips where access refrigeration proves challenging.Wordpress takes text rows multiplies them automatically

Overall,WIld planet offers customers all-natural alternative foods worth including in any diet while remained responsibly harvested.Foods packaging shelf consumed on the go – what more can you ask for? Try this out, and incorporate Wild Planet canned salmon into your next meal!

Is Wild Planet canned salmon sustainable?

Is Wild Planet canned salmon sustainable? This is a question that has been asked by numerous consumers who are conscious about the impact of their purchases on the environment. In this blog post, we will explore whether or not Wild Planet’s canned salmon meets sustainability standards.

1. The company claims to use sustainably caught wild fish.
2. They have partnered with environmental organizations such as Ocean Wise and Earth Island Institute.
3. Their fishing methods involve using pole and line instead of nets which can reduce bycatch (unwanted species accidentally caught).
4. Canned products contain no added salt or oil
5. Wild planet supports non-profit marine conservation efforts.

Despite these practices, some critics point out that there may still be concerns for overfishing considering they market beyond US borders

Overall it seems like Wild Planets’ efforts towards meeting sustainability criteria exceed those in many other companies within the industry making them more environmentally friendly Choice Alternative but due to minimal scrutiny exerted into its operations outside local regulations one must remain cautious while consuming these responsibly sourced-cans.

In conclusion, based on our evaluation – Yes!  wild planet’s ‘sustainable’ label when used locally might actually extend across international waters too though experience shows caution is required whenever dealing with human activities affecting ocean communities

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